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Connect - Collab - Create

A social media platform that bridges between students, teachers and experts. Build a network of like-minded people, on the principle of Connect | Collaborate | Create. Here, you can share about your work, follow other's work, create pages, build groups and write blogs. A pool of intellectuals, learners and beginners make StuNxt a place of progress and productivity.

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How it works


Connect to people with similar interests/goals. Add them into your network.


Collab and exchange your ideas, accelerate your learning speed.


Create, it's time to build. Learn, work, create together and better









About us

Our Mission

Transforming students into self-taught individuals, driven by passion, guided by collaborations.

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Our Vision

Establish a new system of learning based on Connect | Collab | Create.

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  • Connect with people who can help
  • Learn from each other
  • Build network with students of various colleges
  • Find people with similar intrests/goals
  • Exchange your ideas, accelerate your learning speed
  • Find your mentor

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