StuNxt | A Social Media for Students, Teachers and Experts

Lack of professional network and collaboration has been a setback in the student community of the present times, it not only stops them from growing out of the box but also adds to the lack of opportunities.
Social media is one of the most powerful platforms of modern days, the impact it has on people is inconceivably tremendous, it is great to meet new people and build networks. How good would that be if students have a social platform to expand their professional networks?

So here we present StuNxt ( https://www.stunxt.com ), A social media platform that bridges between students, teachers and experts. It helps them build a network of like-minded people, on the principle of Connect | Collaborate | Create. Here, they share about their work, follow other's work, create pages, build groups and write blogs. A pool of intellectuals, learners and beginners make StuNxt a place of progress and productivity.

How does it work?

The key users of this platform are students, teachers and experts. Everyone on this platform are learners, seeking and extending help for mutual development.
Here, people share the information which will be related to their work or field of interest, by looking at any user’s profile we can come to a conclusion about the field they are working on(through a specific column called ‘Interest/Expertise’) if that interests you, you can get in touch with that person through chat!
You can get to people by a hashtag search (Ex: #AI #ML etc..) or by their posts.

Our Mission:
Transforming students into self-taught individuals, driven by passion, guided by collaborations.

Our Vision:
Establish a new system of learning based on
Connect | Collab | Create.

Contact Us:
+91 8639034190